About Datamensional

Our Mission

To create end-to-end, cost effective Analytics solutions that provide actionable, relevant, and timely data to decision makers in businesses of all sizes; empowering them in a progressively more data-centric world.


The Company

Datamensional creates business intelligence solutions which deliver relevant and timely information to decision-makers based on your business intelligence needs. This data, (your information) can come from anywhere: spreadsheets, databases, and even websites.

Datamensional has the experience to bring all this together and present it in a way that is easily interpreted so that you can be make it actionable. We identify issues in production and processes and reveal how and where revenue is impacted. This facilitates faster, simpler and more accurate decision-making. We take these insights and convert them into dashboards, scorecards or traditional tables and charts which will permit you to easily recognize, analyze and capitalize on every key trend in your business and your market. These metrics give you new tools with which to manage your business on the move.

With the right data at your fingertips, you will have a new level of understanding when you make your most important decisions. This is the power of data. This is the power of business intelligence and analytics. This is the power that Datamensional will unlock for you!


President, Principal Consultant

Benjamin Goewey is the founder and President of Datamensional. As President, he is responsible for the corporate vision and the strategic direction of the company. In addition to his experience at the helm of Datamensional, Ben’s background includes tenure at both IBM and Fidelity Investments as well. His experience has permitted him to acquire strategic insights into the Business Intelligence needs of the best modern, data-driven enterprises and the unique solutions most appropriate for them.

His broad background in Business Intelligence has led Mr. Goewey to focus on data management, business intelligence and analytics because they are the essential tools for achieving profitability in the world of modern business. Benjamin has worked with the foremost platforms in both Business Intelligence and Big Data.


The Consulting Team

The consultants at Datamensional are a quality-driven team of professionals. In addition to having IBM certifications in both Business Intelligence and Performance Management, they utilize the most sophisticated, and up-to-date, solutions available. Our professionals provide your company with the tools you need to excel in today’s data-driven economy. Our consultants empower your employees.


Our Objective

Our objective is to empower your team so that they can lead your company to success by utilizing business intelligence and analytics. We are here to give you the insights into, and control over, your data so that you will have enhanced decision-making capacity.  Our efforts are intended to ensure that your organization has the potential to fulfill its mission by analyzing and visualizing the entire scope of your own operations from the perspective of your data. In addition, these solutions will also bring you special insights into your markets and your customers’ preferences and motivations.

We will transform the random data streams produced by your business into easily recognizable patterns which can be captured visually by graphs, charts or dashboards. This data will be organized and assembled so that it you can better focus your analyses and improve your forecasting. Your platform will enable you to acquire the overview and insights that you need to concentrate on organizational growth, operational efficiency, and business agility. The goal of our professional team at Datamensional is to deploy the most sophisticated (and appropriate) solutions available so that your team can fulfill its potentials.


The Results

Whether your Datamensional solution is built on IBM Cognos, Open Source, or a Microsoft platform, you will get the solutions that you need. By customizing these platforms to your unique operating culture, our consultants will furnish you with the tools that obtain winning results for your enterprise today. These customized tools will empower your employees to acquire the key business insights that they need to excel in today’s data-driven society. By utilizing the data streams from your own organization, we will design dashboards, scorecards and even traditional tables or charts that will take your data to decision in seconds. This is the power of data and our purpose at Datamensional.