Data Engineering

  • Save massive development time from using traditional development methods such as .NET and Java.
  • Integrate virtually any data source from any platform
  • Export your data into virtually any data format or web service
  • Transform, Map, cleanse, and apply rules to your data
  • Enterprise design and Architecture guidance and support
Data Integration process
Being able to integrate data is an important factor to any organization wanting to gain insights into their business.  Data Integration is the umbrella term for many techniques.  The most common technique which all others are derived is Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL).  ETL is the ability to extract data from a source, transform it for a given need, and load it into a new target system.  The new target is usually a data warehouse.  Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) goes the next step by taking data from the data warehouse and pushing it back into an application.  Master Data Management (MDM) was developed to synchronize all the many systems that exist within organizations.

Datamensional’s team of data integration experts has the skills to quickly integrate data, no matter what flavor of integration is needed.

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