Turning Challenges Into Opportunities!

Insurers are faced with intense competition and diminishing customer loyalty in an increasingly regulated and complex risk environment. You know that ‘business as usual’ is no longer an option!

That’s where Datamensional comes in. Our consultants, employing IBM Business Analytics solutions, assist insurance companies to overcome their challenges in order to generate increased growth and profitability.

Datamensional Business Analytics Work For The Insurance Industry

Our business analytics solutions address insurance issues in four key areas:

  • Churn Control: Retain and grow your customer base. Make the right offer to the right customer, the right way and at the right time.
  • Fast-Tracking Claims: Predict claim complexity, claim severity and the likelihood of fraud translated into better service and improved profitability.
  • Risk and Compliance Management: Establish Better Risk Management Standards while addressing all regulatory compliance standards (across the enterprise).
  • Sales Performance Management: Create optimized integrated distribution channels.

Customer retention and growth

Get the insights that you require to anticipate customer needs. Discover improved methods of analyzing and interpreting your data to improve marketing and cross-selling programs. Prevent churn by retaining valuable customers with measurable and verifiable retention programs. Improve policy profitability through fraud risk analysis and lifetime value predictability.

Operational efficiency

Give your executives an unambiguous view of business and financial performance. Fast track your claims and reduce reserve requirements by predicting the complexity, severity and likelihood of fraud.

Risk And Compliance Management

Detect and communicate the risk across the entire enterprise. Integrate risk insights into daily operational decisions. Master regulatory compliance requirements!

Sales Performance Management

Plan your sales strategies with analytics! Analyze and take control of your sales channels by improving compensation administration. Make sure that producer behavior is aligned with organizational objectives. Improve visibility into agent compensation. Reduce exposure to regulatory breaches for incentive compensation . Determine which customers to incentivize. Discover, verify and market the low-risk, high-premium solutions!

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