Historical Weather Data

Learn from the past’s data to prepare for the future’s business demands

The Weather Company Historical Data Services

History on Demand

  • Priced Right
  • Conditions starts July 2015 on 4km global grid
  • Reanalysis starts July 2011 on a 23km globe grid  
  • Daily, Intraday, or Hourly intervals

Cleaned Historical

  • Bulk File Delivery or API
  • Starts January 1979 on 30km global grid
  • Most comprehensive measures
  • Monthly, Daily, or Hourly intervals

Enhanced Current Conditions

  • 1 Day at hourly, 30 Day Daily
  • Personal Weather Stations: 1 & 7 Day Hourly
  • Also, current conditions updated every 15 minutes on a 500m global grid

Historical Weather Data API Comparison