Business Intelligence Dashboard Solutions

What is a Business Intelligence Dashboard Solution?

Data Visualization is what often comes to mind when people talk about Business Intelligence Dashboard Solutions and is because it is essentially a Data Visualization tool. A Business Intelligence Dashboard will typically show the present status of business metrics also known as key performance indicators or KPIs for a business.

What are the attributes of a good Business Intelligence Dashboard?

Business Intelligence Dashboards are typically known to fit on one single computer screen. If it does not fit on the screen, it’s hard to provide the at a glance information that busy executives need. They should be used throughout the entire organization and be limited only to upper management. It is a common misconception that business intelligence dashboards are only purposed for executives. Since space is limited only the most critical and important information should be displayed on a dashboard. Top priority performance indicators or measures are usually what you would want on your bi dashboard. Being able to interact with the your dashboard data is a must have feature.  If you find there is a potential problem in your business from looking at your dashboard, you should be able to filter and drill down to look deeper into your data. Also, the data should on your business intelligence dashboard should refresh on its own so that your team can confidently rely on what it is seeing when it looks at the dashboard. Old data can misguide end users into believing everything is ok even if it is not.

Self-Service Dashboards are the new norm

Self-service is becoming the new norm for Business Intelligence Dashboards. Companies no longer have the luxury of waiting for IT to deliver handcrafted dashboards for each user. In reality, customized dashboards were never capable of supporting users’ needs since the format and sources of the necessary information had changed so frequently depending on business conditions and the problem under consideration.

The Bottom Line about BI Dashboards

Organizations are consistently under pressure to make better, faster decisions. With diverse data sources and inefficient, time-consuming processes needed to convert this data into actionable information, more and more organizations are turning to dashboards. Tools such as portals afford organizations the opportunity to reach performance data wherever it resides, delivering it as real-time key performance indicators via personalized, portal-based dashboards. Also, alerts and tools are provided to help users take action at the greatest point of impact – before issues impact the business critically.

Business dashboards communicate complex information/data quickly. They extract information from your organization’s various corporate systems and data and transform it into visually rich presentations using gauges, maps, charts and other graphical elements to show multiple results together. Offering the ability to truly see the most relevant and timely data, Dashboards help the users make excellent decisions.

Screenshots of Example Dashboards

Notice that the data on these dashboards fit on one screen providing a quick at a glance snapshot of how their sales team is performing.

BI Dashboard
Business Intelligence Dashboard

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