Mobile BI

In recent years, mobile device sales have outshined personal computers. One survey reported that 95 percent of employees purchased a mobile device with intent to use it for work. For many this has meant discovering the convenience of the smartphone, taking full advantage of the opportunity to integrate applications and conduct business in the palm of their hand. Newer and also larger than the smartphone is the tablet. These are a convenient replacement for a laptop when you’re on the go as they have foregone the traditional keyboard for an on screen version. However, they are still capable of many tasks you would find on your normal desktop or laptop.

Curious about implementation in the workforce? Mobile BI has allowed retailers to make the best decisions for their businesses without the hassle of having to always be at their desk. With the tap of a finger they are able to access information on how well their marketing campaigns are doing, or revew buying patterns – all while catching a cab to their 2:00 production meeting. Recent research has revealed that about 3 out of every 10 doctors are currently using IPads at work, making it easy to obtain important patient information at a moments notice.

Business Intelligence applications for tablets and cell phones are now an integral part of the mobile world. We are doing our part to make it easier than ever to keep your data close at hand, with many of the tools that we use at Datamensional having mobile capability.  Call us for more information on optimizing your BI experience from your mobile device.

Cognos Mobile screenshots on an iPad:








Cognos Mobile screenshots on an Android phone: