Predictive Analytics

Cognos SPSS & Datamensional

Key Features:

  • Advanced Statistical Analysis
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Text Analysis
  • Open-Source Extensibility
  • Integration with Big Data

When you’re ready to move beyond your current analytics and step into the realm of Predictive Analytics, SPSS products will get you there. As some of the oldest and most fully featured tools in the industry, SPSS tools are considered standards for scientific analysis, data mining, and predictive modeling.

SPSS Statistics is built for the direct manipulation of data with a large number of statistical measures, regression analysis, and machine learning analysis algorithms immediately available. These can be paired with a large array of built in visualization options to better understand your data. It can also be extended with R, Python, and Visual Basic to add further functionality.

SPSS Modeler allows users to build predictive models and other sophisticated analysis methods without needing any programming knowledge via its visual development interface. This allows it to easily do advanced data enrichment tasks such as text analysis and social network analysis.

All SPSS tools are designed to work well in a stand-alone situation or as part of the greater IBM Analytics tool ecosystem. If you are trying to get the maximum insight out of your data, SPSS will make it happen.