Technology Assessment

The Technology Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your IT systems, processes and staff, providing your leadership team an objective understanding of the current capabilities. Datamensional and partners will work directly with your teams to gain a thorough understanding of your business goals and opportunities and the “goodness of fit” of your current computing and networking systems (whether on-premise or hosted) to meet those agreed business needs.  Key team member participation is pertinent.

Our assessment will include a “gap analysis” – which includes an evaluation of critical gaps, vulnerabilities, and inefficiencies in the current deployments.  This will also include an assessment of the business’s Continuity and Disaster Recovery readiness.  We are available to work with you to ensure that each of the identified issues is addressed, and the solution is validated.  The Technology Assessment Program ensures that your progress to the next phase of the business vision is built upon a trusted, and operationally efficient base line.

Recommendations will include specific and actionable steps forward.  You will have a clear understanding of how well your IT systems can support your business plan.

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