At Datamensional, we deliver complete end-to-end services at an affordable price so that you get excellent ROI on your Business Intelligence and Big Data investment. Whether you employ Cognos, Pentaho or Microsoft, we have the expertise and experience to achieve the results that you require.

Our consultants will guide you through the design process from strategy and planning to road-mapping and implementation. Our expertise includes gathering and defining requirements, business analysis, data analysis and solution roadmap development. By simplifying your analytics environment for greater clarity, we will enhance the decision-making process so that you can more effectively design, deploy, optimize, and maintain your data management solutions.

Concepts come to life when they are fully implemented. The built-in functionality in these platforms speeds that process of implementation. Because we’ve “been there, done that.” you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Based on our experience, and as a result of built-in adaptability, you get to avoid the “learning curve”. It saves you both time and money! How do we accomplish this? Let’s take a look at a step-by-step overview.

Overall Requirements:

  1. Master plan is created within each subject area in the business.

  2. All new ideas are added to Datamensional’s client idea “backlog”.

  3. When each phase of the project is completed, overall strategic objectives are re-evaluate.

  4. The project managers from both Datamensional and your company will decide on the overall requirements to be listed for each phase of the project.

  5. Company requirements will be assessed in order to determine if the built-in Cognos capabilities will provide the balanced system and performance match for your needs or whether you would benefit more from traditional DW or BI.

  6. Objectives will be categorized and listed for each task necessary for the completion of any given phase of the project. Items will be taken from the idea backlog and placed in the new objectives as appropriate.

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