Cognos Mobile BI

Datamensional has partnered with IBM to deliver a superior Mobile Analytics experience

IBM’s Cognos Mobile BI extends interactive Cognos Business Intelligence to a broad range of mobile devices, including the Apple iPhone and iPad, Android phones, BlackBerry phones, and Playbook.

With a rich client, users can view and fully interact with Cognos reports, dashboards, metrics, and other information in a security-rich environment. Users receive timely, informative and interactive information to support their decision-making, regardless of location.

Cognos Mobile:

  • Supports a variety of mobile technologies with a rich, interactive BI interface.
  • Offers multimodal work options including real-time monitoring, GPS integration and downloadable, offline reports.
  • Security protocols protect sensitive and proprietary business information.
  • Reports on the Cognos Server can be viewed on the iPad.
  • Stand Alone reports called Active Reports can be viewed disconnected on the iPad or when connected to the Cognos Server.
  • Users can exchange Active Reports by uploading them through iTunes
  • The report can be adjusted to be viewed disconnected on an iPad or connected for a data refresh.