Budgeting and Planning

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Datamensional knows that organizations need the very best tools and practices to drive profitable growth while at the same time addressing risk and regulation. Datamensional’s Corporate Performance Management solutions are based on IBM Cognos.

Our solutions enable you to:

  • Track performance against corporate objectives to identify performance gaps, and perform “what-if” scenarios to assess alternatives.
  • Replace rigid budgets with flexible, continuous planning and frequent, and accurate, forecasting.
  • Link financial and operational plans through driver-based models.
  • Improve financial processes and controls, especially in the final stages before disclosure is made.
  • Connect key financial processes to core business analytics capabilities.

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IBM Performance Management solutions by Datamensional are designed to transform slow, expensive, and disconnected performance planning and management processes into dynamic, efficient, and well-connected operations. This linkage creates “analytics-driven” organizations that serve finance, line-of-business, and IT professionals alike by communicating ideas and solutions effectively.

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