The training begins even before the process of implementation is complete. The instruction is finished only when all end users can utilize the platform confidently and capably. As trainers, therefore, our goal is to ensure that your employees can, and will, use these tools so that your enterprise receives full business value from your purchase.

Our goal is to ensure that your enterprise avoids the learning and utilization gaps that can threaten successful BI deployments. To that end, our focus is to train your employees to work with their new BI tools in challenging real life scenarios like those that they will encounter daily.

You’ll be pleased with the results as your staff acquires confidence with these tools. Their acceptance will be predicated upon their familiarity with their new solutions and ease of use. The level of adoption by your employees will be in direct proportion to their comfort level in applying them to your data with confidence, comfort and skill. Long-term utilization and return on investment will be assured only when they see the ease of use and witness the platform benefits.

Recommended Training Protocol:

  1. To the fullest extent possible, all training will be done within the context of the company’s own data using real-life scenarios.

  1. All formal training will emphasize the practical, day-to-day utilization of the program that your workers will need to achieve to reach your operational goals.

  1. Following formal training, your employees will “honeymoon” or be given a familiarization period where they can work with their data without reporting requirements.

  1. When necessary, the previous steps will be supplemented by on-site mentoring or coaching to ensure the complete adoption of your new analytics platform.

  1. Training Assessment. The purpose of the training is to master the repetitive functionality necessary for your employees to utilize your new analytics in their day-to-day environment. Our KPI for success in every training activity is user adoption, acceptance and utilization.

Your Decision: Online or On-Site

You need to decide which option works best for you! Choose the plan that you want and Datamensional will custom-design a training program tailored to your enterprise. Your choices include:

  • Online Training: With the assistance of qualified, experienced trainers, you get course content, and hands-on labs right on your desktop or laptop in an online virtual classroom setting.

  • On-site Training:  An instructor will come to your site to conduct face-to-face classroom training on a schedule tailored to you needs.

  • On-site Mentoring:  An experienced coach will come to your place of business to tutor several employees at a time. Mentoring will be designed around various documented challenges.

  • On-the-job Coaching: Answers questions unique to your organization to enable your teams to build up technical skills, apply best practices, and improve performance.

  • Short-term Assistance is an additional option available to you for strategy and roadmap development.

  • Personalized Instruction for designated employees when the need for additional training is identified to achieve specific business objectives, bridge gaps in project assessments and start-up, design reviews, problem resolution, health assessments, product installation, customization, migration, deployment, performance tuning, and other activities related to your Cognos environment.

The choices are yours.

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