Data Architecture

The Datamensional team consists of experts in the field of Data Warehouse design. They both advise clients and design data warehouses from start to finish. A successful data warehouse is an intricate piece of sound data design.

Data modeling and mapping are often part of this process, and when done properly lead to successful data warehouses. When done poorly, they may become the principal cause of system idiosyncrasies and failures. Whether your flavor is Kimball, Inmon or something else, Datamensional is there to advise and design your project!

Datamensional delivers the expertise you need in Data Flow and Data Integration (ETL) design. (See our core competencies for a listing of the technologies we use on a regular basis to accomplish Data Integration and ETL.)

Datamensional also documents the design and the processes involved. This documentation is available for clients’ development teams. The development teams can access the documentation as a point of reference occasionally, or follow the instructions step by step to repeat the process on their own.

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