Leadership Transition

The role of the CIO is becoming ever more strategic — from “simply” enabling the business to operate, while keeping the systems secure — to transforming operational data into real time business intelligence.  These new capabilities redefine business possibilities – establishing the skillsets of the CIO as critical to the strategic vision of the business and versatility to recognize and respond to opportunities and vulnerabilities that impact business success.

Whether you are seeking to replace your CIO or trying to fill the role for the first time, you need to look at the position using fresh eyes – not using a definition that may have seemed reasonable a few years ago.  Datamensional’s partners will develop the profile for your new technology leader and help you to understand the changes that the business may have to make to ensure the CIO’s success.

We can support you during a leadership gap, ensure that you are certain about your expectations, clearly define the role, help you make the best choice and assist your new CIO with the transition.

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