Planning Analytics

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Key Features:

  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Analysis
  • Scorecarding
  • Scenario Building

Financial Planning for any company can be a complex and time consuming process.  This makes it difficult for the budgets to be as timely and regular as desired.  Much of this has to do with the overhead needed to maintain the records needed to planning.  Most finance departments are still using the same spreadsheet-based methods they adopted when desktop computers became standard.  But there are modern tools that can help streamline the process and allow planners to create better budgets faster, more often, and more accurately without needing to email spreadsheets back and forth.

Using IBM’s Planning Analytics, you can easily keep all of the data up to date, build multiple what if scenarios, control who has access to what, and so much faster.  Whether you choose an on-premise installation or the cloud-based service, your team will be able to do more with less overhead in a streamlined budgeting process.  With these tools your finance department will be working in the 21st century.  

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