The Weather Company Data API Documentation


This is documentation that The Weather Company has created and owns.  Datamensional is compiling and distributing it in a way that’s easy to find.  So this may be an index of sorts, and will be continually improved upon.  This does not include all documentation, but ones we’ve used most so far, and we will be adding more to this index.  Please read the next part to better understand how the documentation works.

How it Works:

  1. If you’d like a free trial, please email and please state your use case.
  2. Read the Common Usage Guide first before diving into any of your specific packages.
  3. If you are using icons, read that first before going to your package.  Otherwise, skip this step.
  4. Use the Aggregation Engine to use Location Services and your specific weather API endpoint together to make one atomic call.
  5. Find your Weather Company Data Package; that Package document is an index to the actual API URL endpoints included with your package.  Please look at that page carefully.
    1. Look for URL endpoint examples in the documentation linked to the Package specific documentation.
  6. The Service Description documentation not only gives a great overview of the products, but it is part of the contract you’ll be governed by when using the APIs.
  7. If you have questions, please contact our sales team assigned to you or if you are in production, please contact

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Common Documentation:

Data Visualization

Note all packages that have mapping visualizations use geoJSON such as Enhanced Forecast, Enhanced Current Conditions, and Severe Weather except for the Core package which uses tiled PNG.

Location Services Utility APIs

Summary of Weather Data Packages

Documentation Top Level Index

Offering Specific Documentation:


Enhanced Forecast Specific:

Enhanced Current Conditions:

Lifestyle Indices:

Severe Weather:

Seasonal Forecast:

History on Demand (HoD):

Cleaned Historical:

Traffic (Real Time and In Vehicle):

Agriculture and Renewable Energy:

Probabilistic Forecast


Travel Time Forecast

Aviation Basic:

Aviation Premium: