Cognos Analytics

Nowadays almost every company produces a stream of data stored in a database. Much like a reservoir of water, it is only valuable if it can be put to work. Cognos Analytics provides a way for you to put your data to work and turn them into well-informed decisions for your company. Cognos Analytics is a comprehensive suite of tools with everything needed to build reports and dashboards to keep you on top of what is going on in your company. Such features include:

  • Report Building
  • Dashboarding
  • Metadata Modeling
  • Multi-dimensional analysis
  • Drill-through data exploration
  • Data visualization
  • Scheduled report Bursting
  • Interoperability with other IBM products

Like many other IBM software products, you can choose to either install Cognos Analytics on your on-premise system or use their Cloud-based Software as a Service. Your data is an invaluable resource; put it to use to guarantee your decisions are the best possible with Cognos Analytics.