Multidimensional Analysis

Benefits of Multidimensional Analysis:

  • Ad-hoc Analysis
  • Roll-up/Drill Through Analysis
  • Simple, easy to learn interface

A very important challenge for Business Intelligence is to take data and start analyzing it as soon as it becomes available to end users. With tools like Cognos Insight, users are able to aggregate and drill through to their data with ease to find out what they want to know. Multidimensional analysis allows for many facets of data to be studied at the same time and with granularity from minutes to decades.

These analytical techniques for understanding data can cover any topic – from inventory and process control, to sales and performance data. The applications are limitless. Not only can users drill through and process information directly, with most multidimensional analysis they now can interact with data visualization tools to create informative dashboards and graphs. Datamensional is experienced and proficient in building multidimensional analytic solutions. Find out for yourself!


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