Rapid Deploy Analytics™

Datamensional Empowers Decision Makers Now:

  • Begin using Analytics for decision in weeks, and not months.
  • Visually appealing results are quickly delivered for maximum value-add to your business.
  • User-centric approach ensures investment in an enterprise architecture that is relevant and will be used to the full extent.
  • Our solutions are based on industry proven IBM Cognos, but customized for the needs and budget of mid-market, departmental or growing enterprises.

How We Achieve Results:

Datamensional uses an Agile approach when creating new Analytics solutions.  We create solutions that business users need now and deploy these solutions in as little as 2 to 3 weeks.  These working prototypes can then be used to create enterprise scalable solutions more effectively and in less time when the time is right.  Too often a Data Warehouse is built and only several months later do end-users begin seeing if it brings back the data they want within an acceptable amount of time.  When using this approach, corrections are made to a system that has not been continually tested and improved with business user feedback, changes to that system are often very expensive.

We take an integrated and user-centric approach to the entire Analytics process to formulate an effective solution in less time than you ever thought possible.  We look at the entire Analytics picture.  From pulling data from your business systems, creating an architecture that facilitates business power-users and developers alike to create effective reports, and to appealing visualizations, Datamensional can help in the Analytics end-to-end process.

Begin Your Journey with Desktop Analytics

  • The diagram at the right represents transitioning from the Advanced Data Visualization desktop tool, Cognos Insight to Enterprise solutions that can be accessed via iPad and Web Browser.
  • Cognos Insight is executed on a desktop machine but it also can be maintained and launched from a Cognos Server, locally, or in a shared directory.
  • Cognos Insight is used for quick and attractive reporting, but was not designed for Enterprise Scalability.

Enterprise Scalability

  • If necessary, you can publish the desktop prototype solution for enterprise scalability to the Cognos server.
  • After publishing to the server with some configuration, you will be able to perform the following:
  • iPad Reports & Active Reports (Reports can be used connected or disconnected from the Server).
  • Self-Service reports connected through the web.

Exporting to CSV, Excel, or PDF

  • Using web-based self-service reporting, users can export to CSV, Excel, or PDF
  • In addition, reports can be scheduled from the server with those files attached as well.