Integrated End-to-End Analytics Platform

Business Intelligence, Performance Management, and Mobile Analytics Together

  • Due to the integration of Mobile, BI, and FPM in a single package, Datamensional can provide seamless integration between these functions.
  • Be able to utilize functionality of BI reporting that is not possible in most Performance Management Suites.
  • Datamensional builds its solutions on world-class IBM Business Analytics for integration not typically seen in most other applications (See below picture).
  • Our integrated approach significantly reduces initial implementation spend and ongoing support costs.
  • Datamensional focuses on creating usable prototypes in a short period of time and then expanding them into scalable, secure, enterprise-wide applications.
  • The Prototypes ensure that user-feedback is immediate, creating more effective solutions.  Thus, it also enables you to increase ROI more quickly on your Analytics investment.
  • Our team also has expertise in implementing industry standard Analytics methodology across many different industries.

All Your Data from all Sources Together

  • Establishment of Data Integration for increased effectiveness of company processes and cost savings.
  • Significantly reduce the need for more staff for manual data and process efforts to support Analytics and other processes.
  • Create a Data Warehouse from various data sources from Relational Databases, Web Services,, Big Data sources, flat files, and much more.
  • Eliminates or reduces the need for custom development and significantly reduce support needed for solution.
  • We will use the built-in ETL in Cognos or a dedicated ETL package depending on client needs and diversity of data sources to be implemented.
Integrated Analytics with Datamensional
Lack of Integration between FPM and BI

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