Andy Linteau

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Director of Client Services, and Analytics Consultant of Datamensional


Andy is passionate about helping companies compete more effectively by empowering line of business and executives to make more informed and timely decisions by leveraging the right Business Analytics solutions. He has been helping companies utilize the power of analytics to make better decisions for over 5 years and loves to see companies benefit from the use of analytics.

Andy currently works at Datamensional, a Business Analytics Consultancy, helping companies leverage the power of Business Analytics.

Specialties:Performance Management, Business Intelligence, Dashboards, Reporting, Sales & Marketing Analytics, Data Discovery & Exploration, Analytics Strategy.

Performance Management: When Spreadsheets are not enough…

A company’s ability to effectively execute the process of budgeting, forecasting and planning is a huge driver of corporate success. As you know, there are many difficulties that can interfere with such processes in many organizations. A ponderous manual budget process combined with the problematic coordination with line managers often […]