Rapid Deploy Analytics: Empower Decision Makers Now

Many businesses today are beginning to understand the importance of analytics. The data a company generates requires collection and analysis for it to be acted upon. This is true whether the business is producing bottle tops or installing fiber optic services. Knowing how the business is running now and where opportunities exist for improvement are key ways to stay competitive. Unfortunately, generating good, usable analytics takes far more work than simply a point and click.

Rapid Deploy Analytics

In the past it could take months to build a data warehouse that was actually useful to a company. It had to be built and feedback needed to come in so it could later be adjusted to provide the most pertinent information to the right people. Fortunately, the process has been greatly improved. With Rapid Deploy Analytics it is often possible to get reports up and running in two to three weeks.

With a focus on agility, Datamensional troubleshoots the system as it is built. The user is consulted regularly through the development process, allowing for on-the-go corrections that result in a usable, powerful system in far less time. All the important functions of an analytics system are created simultaneously – from up-front visualizations to basic data collection where it all starts. All relevant users of the system are accounted for during production, including the basic user, the power user and the developers that will keep it all together.

It is now possible for businesses to have the analytics they need in a fraction of the time once required. All it takes is a new approach to the building process.

A Strong Focus On The Company’s Needs

Part of what makes Datamensional’s approach so effective is its focus on the end user. We build for what a company needs and only what it needs. The ability to expand effortlessly is always there, but a business does not need to be overwhelmed with a plethora of features when it is not necessary.

Rapid Deploy Analytics is based upon IBM Cognos, a powerful solution that is well-respected in the industry. Beginning with this, Datamensional builds a customized version designed specifically for the business in question – adhering to budgetary concerns while creating a usable system for the mid-market, departmental or growing enterprise.

Each client gets a desktop analytics interface – where most of the information will be accessed and explored – that is visually appealing, powerful and easy to work with. Data can be pulled from all sources and manipulated to discover new opportunities or room for improvement.

There is also the opportunity to develop reports for mobile access through iPad and web-based reporting. This gives employees and management the opportunity to know what is going on even when they are away from the desk or the office. Important decisions sometimes need to be made outside of the regular workday.

Solution That Grows With Your Enterprise

Another important feature of Rapid Deploy Analytics is the ability to scale it up to an enterprise solution.. Because IBM Cognos is a modular suite of cross compatible tools, it can grow with your company’s needs, starting with a few users with desktop tools and expanding all the way to a centralized server emailing interactive reports to thousands of users daily.  With Rapid Deploy Analytics, you can get started quickly, and keep up that pace moving forward.

For more information about Rapid Deploy Analytics, you can contact Ben Goewey at ben@datamensional.com.