Pentaho Analysis Mondrian OLAP Security Setup – Part I

Hello. This is the first Datamensional blog and personally the first blog I’ve ever wrote! Yes, I know I’m a little behind the times but our team aims to add useful and interesting knowledge for both Pentaho and the Business Intelligence communities.

What I have here is a YouTube Video that shows how to setup security roles for Mondrian on the Pentaho BI Server. The BI Server doesn’t come preconfigured to do Mondrian roles and there is actually quite a few ways to configure your Mondrian. I’ll show you the most common way in this video. (I think they should mention this in the next Pentaho Bootcamp. In fact, I’m teaching the next one in July ’11 in San Francisco and I’m going to bring that up)!

Now why on earth would you want to go through all this trouble? (Well, it’s really not too much trouble if you know exactly what to do, you could do it in about 10 minutes). What’s great about using role-based security in Mondrian is you can restrict data within the Mondrian Data Model also known as a cube based on the user who logs in. That user is then associated to a security role, such as California. The classic example is if a manager of sales who is responsible for the California sales territory logs into Pentaho and wants to view their sales cube, they will only see their California sales data. The advantage to the BI Developer is that they can centrally manage all access on the BI Server and only create one cube for the entire installation.

Without further ado, here is my YouTube video which shows you how to configure the BI Server for Role-based security.

I’ll be releasing another video in blog soon to show you how to implement this security in the cube itself. Stay tuned . . .

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