Thomas Manchego

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Analytics professional that specializes in Business Intelligence and Performance Management. Strives to revolutionize clients’ decision making processes through the latest advanced data visualization and data exploration techniques. Experienced and certified in developing and administering enterprise reports and data models in IBM Cognos BI & Cognos TM1. Understands relational database concepts and particularly Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle as well multidimensional databases. Has developed solutions for insurance, biopharma, demos and sales engineering in areas of sales, marketing, accounting, labor utilization, financial forecasting and more. Well versed with software development and software architecture and trained in Agile methodology. Ability to develop queries in both multidimensional and relational databases.

Firewall Security Rejection in IBM Cognos

Firewall Security Rejection This blog will discuss a way to fix an error message in Cognos Express 10.2.1. The Error Message: An error has occurred. DPR-ERR-2079 Firewall Security Rejection.  Your Request was rejected by the security firewall.  CAF rejection details are available in the log.  Please contact your administrator. Solution: […]

How to find Cognos Configuration for Cognos Express

When using Cognos Express 10.2, you run into the issue of not having a few of the programs that you would typically find in the Cognos Enterprise. One important program is IBM Cognos Configuration. This is the program you will use to verify your Environment and Security criteria such as […]

Designing Cognos Insight

One of the most powerful parts of Cognos Insight is the ability to add different themes to your workspace.  This can cause your widgets to pop out a little more, and give a little more color.  Sometimes we want a little bit more than what we are given in the […]

How to Work With Dates in Cognos Insight

Dealing with dates in Cognos can sometimes be a daunting task.  Dates should be straightforward, but sometimes they take extra work to get what you want.  Your data is designed to list the date of the transaction, but maybe you only care about data on a per week, per month, […]