Firewall Security Rejection in IBM Cognos

Firewall Security Rejection

This blog will discuss a way to fix an error message in Cognos Express 10.2.1.

The Error Message:

An error has occurred. DPR-ERR-2079 Firewall Security Rejection.  Your Request was rejected by the security firewall.  CAF rejection details are available in the log.  Please contact your administrator.



In the installation location of IBM Cognos Express, browse to the BIN folder.
(Ex. C:\Program Files\IBM\Cognos Express\bin)

Execute the batch file named cogconfig.bat

This will open IBM Cognos Configuration. Alter the settings for “Enable CAF validation?” as “False” under IBM Cognos Application in the left pane.

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to start the service from this interface. Exit without saving (even if prompted to start the service)

Restart the IBM Cognos Express services by launching IBM Cognos Express Manager from the Start menu. On the “Manager” tab, press the “Restart” button.

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